Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades, #1-3) by E.L. James

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades, #1-3)Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James
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This book definitely is for the 18 and under crowd! This book is for grown ups only!! While I do not agree with some of the "practices" of the book, I certainly did use my imagination to its fullest potential. I finished the whole series in a matter of 4 days. I did not think I would like this book before I read it so I did not jump on the band wagon when it first came out. This also is not the normal genre for me, but I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. Everybody had their own review of the book, some good and some not so good, but I think at some point in time everybody needs a little bit of Christian Grey. Either in man or woman form, everybody needs some Christian Grey. The fact that he took a shy girl and brought her out of her shell, not only changing her but himself is what had me hooked. She was hesitant at first but she eventually came around because she loved him and in turn he grew to love her and accept her demands. The third book left much to be desired but I would say that my absolute favorite was Fifty Shades Darker. It left you hanging just enough to want to read book 3.

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