Thursday, August 25, 2011

I know it's been awhile!

Sorry all for being MIA most of the summer. What a crazy time it has been! No worries though I have been reading a lot and have a few reviews to write! A few of the titles include Tan Lines, Schooled, Twisted, and a few other great titles thanks to Boarders going out of business! Happy reading and see you all soon!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Strip

The StripThe Strip by J.J. Salem

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Via "Perfect body...Perfect sex...Perfect murder - Decadence Las Vegas: glittering city of sin, the ultimate adult playground where fantasy fulfilment is one phone call away. Desire Three women hold all the cards. Billie is the town`s hottest act with her casino spectacular `Rebirth`. Kristin is the Vegas answer to Jackie Collins with her scorching blockbuster novel and TV series. Jennifer is the go-to therapist for the city`s highest profile residents, a sympathetic ear, and a keeper of dark secrets. They have everything...except passion in their complicated marriages. Danger When Billie, Kristin, and Jennifer discover sensual fulfilment courtesy of a high-priced stud service, it feels good to get what they want, to leave with no strings. But once is not enough. The erotic escapes become pure addiction. And what begins as sexual adventure ends in deadly obsession as their lives slowly unravel."

Loved this book!! Let me start by saying that this book popped up in my mailbox unexpectedly and I am so glad it did. I highly recommend this book. I usually don't read non-YA books but this was amazing and I was so glad I read it. The characters come to life so vividly you feel like you are right there with them. The story line draws you in and it keeps you! I would highly recommend this book to everyone!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Unwritten Rule" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px">" />The'>">The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth'>">Elizabeth Scott

My rating: 4'>">4 of 5 stars

This book was awesome!! I could relate to the character in the book because I used to be the best friend that always came in second. You could feel the love that Sarah had for Ryan and actually for bad for him because of how Brianna treated him. I am so glad they got together and as far as Ryan was concerned Brianna got what was coming to her!! Now where Brianna's parents are concerned, I did feel bad for her and wished better for her but trying to trick or trap someone into loving you isn't right at all. I would highly recommend this book to all ages!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post: Kelly Hashway!!!

First let me thank Natasha for letting me be here today. This is a great blog, and I'm honored to be part of it. 

One thing you should all know about me is that I pride myself on being weird. I'm a former middle school language arts teacher and my students could vouch for my weirdness. But my philosophy has always been, "If you're not weird, you're boring." I don't want to be boring. My students didn't want me to be boring either. So, I embrace the weirdness within. And I really think it's made me a better teacher and a better writer. Why? Because what is better than making a child smile? That's right, nothing.

My mind comes up with some pretty crazy things, but they make for good stories. Sometimes stories I never even set out to write. I've published about seventy short stories for children of all ages, so you can see I put my crazy thoughts to good use. The story I'm most proud of right now is my debut picture book, May the Best Dog Win. This is the story of Dash, an adorable mixed breed dog who has the life until the new Super Sweeper 5000 shows up on his doorstep. Dash doesn't know what to make of Sweeper at first, but the more he looks at Sweeper the more Dash thinks Sweeper is a strange new breed of dog. But is Sweeper the new favorite dog? You'll have to read May the Best Dog Win to find out. If you want to get your hands on a copy of your very own, you can head over to Amazon or my website. I'm selling autographed copies through the contact button on my site:

In addition to May the Best Dog Win, I have six other picture books on submission to different publishers. I also recently signed on with my agent, the amazing Lauren Hammond of ADA Management, who will be representing my full-length middle grade and young adult manuscripts. If it's not already obvious, I write full-time. Aside from being a Mom (and yes, I do believe that word should always be capitalized) writing is my favorite job in the world. What other profession lets you use your imagination to write stories that will bring smiles to children's faces? 

Right now, I'm busy promoting May the Best Dog Win by visiting schools, setting up book signings, and participating in interviews. If you'd like to learn more about where I'll be or about my other published works, please drop by my website.

Thanks again to Natasha for letting me spend the day here. Please feel free to leave questions or comments. I'll be stopping in all day to respond.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest POST: Tamworth Grice (aka @tamworthgrice)

Hello everyone. I am Tamworth Grice’s Evil Twin. Recently, we sat down together for an interview. Here’s a transcript of that talk:

Evil Twin: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Tammy.
Tamworth Grice: Please don’t call me Tammy. You know I don’t like it.
Evil Twin: Oh, sorry. (Malicious snicker) Tell us about yourself.
Tamworth Grice: I don’t like to talk about myself too much, because I like to keep the focus on the book. But here are some stats: I’ve got brown hair and eyes. I wear glasses because I’m blind as a bat without them. I live in the western part of the U.S. I love animals, although I don’t have a pet right now. I’m still mourning the passing of my beloved dog and cat—
Evil Twin: (Interrupting) So what is your book about?
Tamworth Grice: It’s about an eighteen-year-old girl who thinks her favorite rock star is sending her messages through his music to kill people. She’s going through a very difficult time: her father has died, the family has suffered economically, she’s at her third school in two years, she’s taking summer-school classes to make up credits so she can graduate, she’s dealing with living in a new town where she doesn’t know anyone, and so on. She fixates on Ian Magick, a “bad boy” rock star with a sort of Satanic image, because his music seems to speak to her. And then she begins to think that literally he’s speaking to her.
Evil Twin: Sounds boring as hell. Except the Satanic part, of course. What inspired you to write this book?
Tamworth Grice: Several things. I read about how Ozzy Osbourne had been sued by a father whose son committed suicide. Osbourne had a song called “Suicide Solution,” and a depressed teenager played the song as he shot himself in the head. The family said Osbourne was subliminally, through his music, telling his fans to kill themselves. Osbourne won the case, but the idea of rock stars sending subliminal messages intrigued me.
Evil Twin: That’s it? That’s all that inspired you? How dull.
TG: That’s not the only thing. At around the same time, I got two DVDs from the library. One was a docu-drama about Frank Sinatra, and I was fascinated by the behavior of his fans. These girls—who were called the “Bobby Soxers” —would scream, cry, scratch their faces, and tear their clothes off at his concerts. Some writers described it as “wartime hysteria.” This was during World War Two when the girls’ fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands were literally risking death on the battlefield. So I put the subliminal messages idea together with the concept of a girl who fixates on a rock star at a difficult time in her life.
ET: (Yawns)
TG: And the other DVD was about Charles Manson.
Evil Twin: (Perks up) Now that’s interesting. Tell me about that.
Tamworth Grice: I was intrigued by the fact that Manson—this little and kind of creepy-looking guy—had such personal charisma and such a hold over his followers that they would even kill for him. I would maybe understand if they killed people when Manson was right there, thinking it was “kill or be killed.” But he wasn’t even there for the murders. And the victims were innocent people Manson didn’t even know—so there was no motive for the murderers of avenging a slight against their leader. Plus, Manson was a rock-star wannabe. So all three ideas—Osbourne’s subliminal messages, Sinatra’s charisma, and Manson’s murderers—came together in Listening to Ian Magick.
Evil Twin: I wish we had more time to talk about Manson. . . .
Tamworth Grice: Would you like to hear about what I’m working on next?
Evil Twin: Not really. But tell me anyway.
Tamworth Grice: My next book is about a Goth girl whose estranged older brother, a cop, dies under mysterious circumstances.
Evil Twin: Anything about Satan in that one?
Tamworth Grice: You’ll have to wait and see.
Evil Twin: (Groans) Well, that wraps up our interview. (Dismissively) Good bye.
Tamworth Grice: Wait. You didn’t say how to get the book—
Evil Twin: I said we’re done.
Tamworth Grice: (Speaking quickly) The book is called Listening to Ian Magick . . .
Evil Twin: It’s over.
Tamworth Grice: . . .and it’s available through Amazon as an eBook for Kindle at ninety-nine cents.
Evil Twin: (Angrily) That does it! (Vanishes in a puff of smoke)
Tamworth Grice: Uh, um, well, thank you for the interview, Evil Twin. Bye

Tamworth is giving away a copy of her book too!! You know the rules! You MUST be a follower, you must tweet "Happy Birthday Week !! I want a copy of LISTENING TO IAN MAGICK by Tamworthgirce!" last but not must comment with email and GFC name!

Guest Post: Sammie Spencer (aka @authorsammie)

Hi guys - Tasha has so kindly let me take over her blog to tell you a little bit about myself and my sexy witch book, Amaretto Flame. ;-) My name is Sammie Spencer, and I'm a mom of two humans and two dogs. Their names are Cassie, Christopher, Cooper, and Freckles. I'll let you guess which are the humans. My book is about a witch named Olivia. When she screams, people die. She makes a mistake and as punishment, she's sent to a human town to live as one of them for the summer. Considering she's been shunned by humans her whole life, this isn't really a good thing. However, she soon discovers they're not as bad as she thought...especially the sexy, rugged Jackson Vance. (hubba hubba) BUT...when the Venator (witch hunters) attack the town, she's got to figure out how to save herself, her new human friends, and her family. 

It's hard to say what inspired me to write. It has always been there, hiding inside of me like a weird mutant just waiting to rip itself out of my chest. Except, instead of a mutant, it's words. I have always loved books and reading, so writing was only the next step. 

Right now, I'm working on Shadow Wishes, the sequel to Amaretto Flame. Super awesome, and my poor coven will be put through the ringer, I tell you. If you're interested to read about my witches (and that sexy musician I mentioned), you can buy Amaretto Flame through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, andSmashwords. Thanks for lettin' me chat it up with you! 

Sammie Spencer

Find Me On: 

Sammi is giving away a copy of Amaretto Flame and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your twitter name and your GFC name (you must follow) and tweet the following: "Happy Birthday Week @luvlovemedew!! I want a copy of Amaretto Flame by @authorsammie Birthday Week Extravaganza!" 

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GUEST POST: Dennis Sharpe aka @witlesslackey

Hey everybody!! So excited it's my birthday week and to celebrate I am having some really awesome guest posts...and GIVEAWAYS!!! I know how you all love giveaways!! 

There will be a new guest blog everyday starting today with Dennis Sharpe (a.k.a. @witlesslackey) and he has a book called Blood & Spirits! 


Hello there. My Name is Dennis Sharpe and I’ve been asked by Tasha to take over blogging duties here today. This is my first “guest blog”, so I hope I don’t offend. I have a little blog of my own, but I focus there on reviews of books I wanted to read, and what writing projects I’m currently working on myself. So, as you can imagine, this is bit different for me.

I was provided with a list of things I’m supposed to talk about, but it wasn’t as in depth as my usually commissions for articles and the like. I was told to tell a bit about myself so I’ll start by telling you, again, that I’m a writer. By that I don’t just mean that I put words in order on a page or a website. I mean that I create with words. I’ve been reading and writing, in a fairly non-stop fashion since I was about 5 years old. I think I was first inspired to write by my mother – but don’t tell her that.
What I create isn’t for everyone, but I’m happy to say that I cultivated a small but loyal following. I write poetry, lyrics, screenplays, teleplays, articles, and a wide variety of fiction (of varying genres and lengths). I have even been known to sing lyrics I’ve written in a couple of bands and direct a couple of screenplays I’ve written as indie films.

So, yeah. I’m a writer. I’m a reporter. I’m a director. I’m a singer. I’m a guitarist. What I am most proud of, however, is that I am a single father of three of the most beautiful children to ever take steps in this world. I know that’s a matter of opinion, but it’s my opinion, and I’m the one writing the blog, so there you go.
I was also asked (and I believe it to be the actual purpose of my visit here on this blog) to promote my recent book release, “Blood & Spirits”. It’s a dark tale of Middle American urban fantasy, with vampires, and spirits, and zombies (oh, my!). The story centers on Veronica Fisher, a madam in a small town who also happens to be a vampire. Veronica, not entirely of her own free will, adopts Rachel Gregory, an eight year old ghost, who she begins to love and care for. Rachel goes missing and all sorts of badness ensues, causing Veronica’s well structured, if not wonderfully highbrow, life to fall apart. She finds herself dealing with a seedy and sexually perverse zombie with a proclivity for ritual magic, and trying to track down grave robbers and any other leads she can find to get Rachel back. Her extended “family” includes not only the girls of her brothel, but Frank, her right hand man, leg breaker, and non-heterosexual life partner, as well as Lucy, a potent spirit, friend, mentor, as well as a dead madam in her own right.

The book is gritty, raw, and disturbing at points, or so I’m told. It is also worth mentioning that it is only book one of “the Coming Storm” trilogy. The other two books should be out by years end if all continues as planned. But we all know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and writers…
Outside of Veronica and all the paranormal misadventures in her little world (I’ve written more than 20 manuscripts total in said world), I’m also working on a series of paranormal YA books, as well as a younger series that started as “Daddy, write a book for me.” from my 3 year old daughter, Sadie. I also have a stand alone steampunk offering in the works, as well as a very ‘adult’ oriented zombie novel I’m editing as well. I tend to stay as busy writing as time allows.

If you’d like to pick up Blood & Spirits you can do so at (in eBook, or Print formats) as well as Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or the Sony eReader store. You can also follow my crazy works in progress on my Facebook page, or at my blog.

Twitter: @WitlessLackey

Dennis is giving away a copy of Blood & Spirits and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your twitter name and your GFC name (you must follow) and tweet the following: "Happy Birthday Week @luvlovemedew!! I want a copy of Blood & Spirits by @Witlesslackey Birthday Week Extravaganza!" 

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Possession Giveaway

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Heartless by Sara Shepard

Heartless (Pretty Little Liars, #7)Heartless by Sara Shepard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Um any book that I can finish in a matter hours is good in my book. I started Heartless yesterday and finished the last 2 chapters this morning...OMG SARA SHEPARD!! I FREAKIN LOVED HEARTLESS!!! Possibly my favorite out of the far!


Now for the real reason you are all here....

First off I am going to say this...I am now creeped out by construction workers!! Let me explain...Jenna gets killed by a construction worker that also worked on Ali's property and well let's just say that A led the cops to the construction worker. Before this happened the girls were arrested for having conspired with "Ian" to kill Ali. They get released after the construction worker is caught.

A sends Emily to Amish country (glad it's her and not me) to find out somethings about Darren Wilden and boy oh boy is she in for a HUGE that might make the little liars believe that Wilden did kill Ali.

Spencer finds out a terrible secret about her parents...let's just say Spencer and Melissa have some siblings they didn't know about. This news causes the Spencer to think that her mother killed Ali and she lets the cat out of the bag spilling the horrifying secret that rips her family apart. Spencer also finds out the truth about her adoption....she isn't adopted. Olivia (the woman who stole Spencer's college fund)was a surrogate. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings found Olivia and asked her to carry Spencer after Mrs. Hastings had issues carrying Melissa. Mr. Hastings' mother did not approve and that's where the "natural born grandchildren" thing came from. Oh yea Spence and Andrew get back together :D

Hanna is sent to "rehab" for her eating disorder and meets a friend names Iris. Iris has a few secrets of her own, including being a rat for the paparazzi that have started following the girls around after Emily claims to have seen Ali the night of the fire...did I leave that out? Ok so Hanna starts to hang out with  Iris but Ali visits her in a dream and tell her that Iris is dangerous. Tara another resident at the rehab center tries to warn Hanna but in typical Hanna fashion she ignores Tare because she isn't cool enough. Well when People magazine releases an article about the little liars, Hanna notices something that is hard to believe and things that only Iris would know are published in the article but it's what Hanna sees in one of the pictures that causes her to believe that Iris is Ali's killer.

While running to Spencer's house before the fire Aria finds Ian's ring and when she tells the others what she has found, they convince her to keep it and not tell the police. This lands Aria in trouble when she arrested with the others. Aria goes to a medium who turns out to be a fake but Noel Khan (IKR) convinces her to see another medium and this time the medium gives Aria a very puzzling and disturbing message "Ali killed Ali".

Now that the construction worker has been arrested this can't be true can it? Or can it? Who is Iris really and what does what Hanna saw in the picture have to do with Iris (hope that made sense to you all)?  Who is A? I mean really...who is she/he/it? What really happened with Wilden? And how did the construction know so much about our little liars and everything else (hint, hint)? Can't wait to read Wanted! Hopefully starting it this weekend.

Check out the giveaway where you can win a copy of Death Pact and some awesome products from Mary Kay!! Only at

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SMBG WInners

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300 follower giveaway

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Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!!!

So this evening while I am getting my hair done I check my email and find that Bookittyblog (click here to view her blog!!!) has given me the Irresistibly Sweet Award!! I know super awesome right!! So check out the following about me as part of the award! Thanks so much doll!!

How the Award works:

Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
Share seven random facts about yourself.
Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Here are seven random facts about me. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!

1.I think I am adopted...

2.My puppy Sugar wants nothing to do with me even though I feed her bathe her, cloth her (yes I dress her don't judge me) and take her everywhere with me. She ignores me when we are together and will only listen to my hubby

3.I have a new addiction to Starbucks. I hate coffee but love the Coconut Mocha latte because it taste like an Almond Joy...oh yea I hate coconut

4.     I am a Mary Kay consultant! Check out my site here

5.I hate to write about's so hard to figure out what to say

6.The ac in my house no matter what I set it on is stuck on the North Pole setting and if gets any colder it might snow

7.I love Hello Kitty!! Just about everything in our kitchen and bathroom is Hello Kitty!!!

Here are my 15 favorite bloggers who deserve The Irresistibly Blog Award. You rock! 

Guilty Pleasure (Bound Hearts #11) By Lora Leigh

Guilty Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #11)Guilty Pleasure by Lora Leigh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

From Barnes & Noble "Marty Mathews had always known about the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed. Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive “Club,” where they took a selected “third” into their beds. And there is one man—a dangerous, forbidden man—who is part of this world and who has haunted Marty’s dreams for years. But she had been the FBI agent assigned to shadow him, making him completely off limits. . .That is until Khalid is cleared and Marty is released from her assignment. Now, all bets are off. . .
The beautiful, fierce Marty Mathews is the one woman Khalid hungers for like no other and is the one woman he dare not let himself have. His past dogs his every step and danger lurks around every corner. If he wants to keep her safe, he must stay away from her. But the power of their desire is something they cannot deny—and once Marty is his, Khalid will do whatever it takes to keep her in his bed and in his arms."

Ok so I am going to give this book a 2 out of 5. I wasn't as impressed there was too much sex and I understand that it is a romance novel but still when there is more sex than story, the sex gets old quick. Kahlid was very mysterious and I didn't like that either. He was too mysterious and as his story slowly (and I mean slowly) I started to like him but I was 3/4 the finished with the book before his story fully came out. I also didn't like the way that he treated Marty like she was possession and not a person. I understand his love for her is extremely deep but she is a person not a possession. The father/godfather thing was a bit confusing at first and think it was unnecessary to have two dads but hey I am just the reader not the writer. I am not big on threesomes either so that kind of threw me off too. I recommended this book to my bestie because this is her kind of read but it just wasn't for me. I have read romance novels before but it was nothing like this. If you took the sex out the story was pretty good overall. You do see the way Khalid loved Marty in the ways that he tries to protect her. I enjoyed their love story very much and would probably recommend this book to the right person.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Magnolia League

The Magnolia League (Magnolia League, #1)The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Let me first start off by saying that I now crave sweet tea and hoodoo doctors. Also, someone please tell me that this book is the first in a series!! I LOVED IT!!

OMG I could not imagine growing up on a commune and then being thrown to the wolves (or debutantes whatever you want to call them) of Savannah!!! Alexandra Lee (or Alex as she prefers) has done just that. Alex grew up on a commune in California but when she suffers a devastating loss she is uprooted and forced to move to Savannah to live with her grandmother Deborah Lee. Miss Lee (do not call her grandma) is the founder of the Magnolia League. An elite and extremely powerful club in Savannah Georgia. Alex doesn't want any part of it, and the ladies of the Magnolia don't want anything to do with Alex's dreads, vintage tees or poor manners. Alex constantly butts heads with Miss Lee especially when Miss Lee sets her up to be "trained" by Hayes and Madison, two younger MG's. Hayes tries to befriend Alex while Madison...well let's just say she could use some work on her social skills. They take Alex shopping and to a party at the Field, where Alex meets Hayes' brother Thaddeous.

Did I mention that Alex left a boyfriend named Reggie on the commune. I didn't well let me recap that real quick. Alex meets a guy at the commune named Reggie and she falls in love with him. He helps her deal with the loss that she endures before her move to Savannah. Reggie tells Alex that he feels her pain because he lost his girlfriend in a plane crash. Alex runs away from Savannah back to California where she meets a girl at on the bus ride. This isn't just any's Reggie's girlfriend...who he has been with since 11th grade. DOUCHEBAG!!!! Alex spills the beans of their romance and returns to Savannah.

So Alex returns to Savannah and starts to fall into step. She starts hanging with Hayes and Madison without complaining...that is until they take her out to the middle of nowhere and she soon learns the magic behind the infamous Magnolia League. She meets the Buzzards...HOODOO (not voodoo) specialist. Hoodoo is kinda like voodoo but isn''s kind of like a religion. You will have to read it to find out more!! Alex starts to go through changes...good changes. Her looks change: no dreads, no acne and she manages to lose 20 pounds in a week ( know). She starts to seeing Thaddeus and she enjoys the way she feels with him. It's nothing like what she had with Reggie. Things change for them though and not in a good way.

It's time for the Christmas ball (a.k.a. The Magnolia League ball) and Alex finds something out that completely rocks her world. She fights with her grandmother but realizes that Hayes and Madison are really her true friends. Things take a turn for the worse and this sends Alex on a mission that will save her mother.

Loved Magnolia League and I found out that this is book 1 of the Magnolia League series. Can't for book 2. Check out the spells at the end of book. Pretty awesome!! Enjoy this great summer read!!

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Small Blog Big Giveaway Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hey everyone small blog BIG GIVEAWAY starts tomorrow and I am so excited!!! There will be a lot of giveaways (36 books and 11 gift cards) plus the chance to meet new bloggers and authors!!! Also I have bonus entries!! So come back tomorrow and hop from page to page for your chance to win some really awesome prizes!!

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Playing Hurt Giveaway!

Click this link to enter to win The Grammarian's Reviews giveaway of Playing Hurt!!! Awesome giveaway be sure to tell them you saw this giveaway on My Book & Me!!

Kimberly Krey post and other stuff

In case you missed it yesterday Kimberly Krey profiled My Book & Me on her blog. She did it because I won the Krispy Kreme contest!!! Check out her post about My Book & Me here. Thank you Kimberly so much for posting about my little bitty blog!! 

Dolls don't forget that there are 5 days left until the small blog BIG GIVEAWAY event!!! I am so excited!! There will be tons of stuff that you can win and chances for extra entries. I will be giving away a gift card. I will have a complete list of hosts that are participating in this even along with a post shortly!!

Also, my BIRTHDAY WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA is coming up!!! Aren't you all excited?!?!? I know I am!! There will be giveaways that week too!! Make sure you tell your friends to follow for their chance to enter!! There will also be guest blogs EVERYDAY from several authors that have awesome books (in the process of reading 4 of our authors' books now!!) Mark your calenders June 19-25 is the event week!! Hope you all had a safe and fun Memorial weekend and remember to pray for our troops' safety and that they be returned home everyday!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Killer by Sara Shepard

Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6)Killer by Sara Shepard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hello little liars!! As always I couldn't book this book down and have been finished with it for sometime now (my other reading material has kept me from doing reviews)! I can't believe what's to come for us!!!

So do I have news for you!!! IAN IS NOT DEAD!!!! IKR insanity!! Also Spencer meets her bio mom on a trip to New York. I feel bad for Spencer her family is treating her like crap and takes away her and cuts her finanically. At first Spencer thinks it is because of her spilling the truth about the Golden Orchid...not to mention telling the police that her and the rest of the gang found Ian's dead body in the woods, causing the police to do a manhunt that turned up nothing. Spencer makes plans to move to New York to be closer with her bio mom but will she loose everything that she has left if she does? Has Spencer really found her bio mom or is she a fake? Hanna's perfect soon to be step-sister Kate moves to Rosewood with Hanna's dad when her mom moves to Singapore for work. She battles for her Queen B spot with Kate and for...surprise...Mike Montgomery...Aria's brother!!! Hanna gets a new number and a new phone thinking that this will keep the NEW A from contacting her. So far it has worked...for her!! The new A has been contacting everyone but A. Sending pictures and threats that the girls need to find the identity of A's REAL killer. This leads the girls to think that A helped Ian escape. Aria starts dating Jason, Ali's brother but soon gets a note from A saying that he is hiding something from her that she really doesn't want to know. Aria moves onto Ian's old street with her dad and soon to be step-mom Meredith. Emily starts to date Issac (a guy I know right!!) a musician she meets at a church function she goes to with her mom. From the way Ms. Shepard describes Issac...he is one heck of a hottie!!! Back to Ian!! Spencer talks to Ian and finds out what really happened that night and that Ian really isn't Ali's killer!! After this conversation Spencer, Emily and Hannah soon find that their lives are in danger and they may not be able to dig themselves out of this hole. What happens to our girls? Do they make it out alive? Don't forget to check out the message from A at the end of the book.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011 GIVEAWAY!!

So I heard about this awesome giveaway on twitter and had to share!! Head over to and enter to win an ARC of Forever by Maggie Stiefvater!!! GO NOW!!!

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The Dirty Girls Social Club

The Dirty Girls Social ClubThe Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book is about six friends, that despite all of their differences (and trust me they are very different) maintain their friendship. The book shows the struggle they face in their lives dealing with everything from their love lives to their professional careers all on top of being Latinas in America! While there are some issues that I could relate to I just couldn't jump right into it. It was an ok and I would recommend this to friends but only if I felt that it fit them.

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Follow Friday and Blog Hop!!

How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

I try to read 2 a week but I can get 3 in. I prefer a real book but lately most of my books have been of the electronic form. I have tried to do audiobooks but I usually end up getting put to sleep so I gave up on them.

Book Blogger Hop

“What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked?  Which have you disliked?”

Sisterhood was good but not my fave. I would have to say that my favorite has been Twilight. Seriously!! Don't judge me. I liked the Lord of the Rings movies too even though I haven't read the books. That usually isn't my genre, but I think I might read the books soon. Along with HP!  Wasn't to fond of Eat Pray Love either. I learned from Eat, Pray, Love and Twilight that I need to read the books first then watch the movie. There was a lot of stuff left out in the Twilight movies that was in the books.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eat Pray Love

Eat, Pray, LoveEat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I watched the movie first so I think it ruined the book for me. I wasn't impressed and it was kind of hard to pick up and read at times. I don't know maybe because I expected so much more that what I got.

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Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1)Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book it has parts that made me laugh and I could really relate to the character!

The main character in the story is Heather Wells a former teen popstar that currently works for a college residency hall. She is now 28 years old with enough drama to fill a bank! First she catches her boyfriend cheating on her which in turn causes her to move in with her boyfriend's (well ex-boyfriend)brother, her mother steals her money and runs to Argentina leaving her broke, and she has to deal with "value sizing" (you will learn what this is when you read the book...grrr). Heather soon finds herself putting her drama on the back burn when a female co-ed dies in the hall where Heather works. She soon discovers that this death isn't an accident like predicted in fact it's a murder!! So Heather enlists her roommate (and soon to be crush) Cooper Cartwright, a private eye, and her friend Magda to find the killer. However, will Heather live long enough to find out who the killer is? Read "Size 12 Is Not Fat" to find out.

Loved Magda she reminds me of a teacher I used to have when I was in school. This book was a good read and when I run out of new things I always turn back to this series!! I will be reading "Size 14 Is Not Fat Either" shortly so stick around for that. Also check out for giveaways and an upcoming blog hop!!

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Bookish Brunette 500 Follower Giveaway!!!

Bookish Brunette

Head on over to Bookish Brunette and enter her 500 follower giveaway to win one of three prize packs!!!

Here's the link:

Update On Birthday Giveaway!!!


So as previously stated I am having a huge Birthday Extravaganza to celebrate my birthday next month!! Here is a complete list of all of the authors that will be participating (some might be added causing me to extend the celebration!!!) Also listed are their book titles and Giveaways!!!

Tiffany King (@authortiffany) "Meant To Be"
Sammie Spencer (@authorsammie) "Amaretto Flame"
Dennis Sharpe (@witlesslackey) "Blood & Spirit"
Kelly Hashway (@kellyhashway) "May The Best Dog Win"
Jennifer Sommersby (@jennsommersby) "Sleight"
Tamworth Grice (@tamworthgrice) "Listening to Ian Magic"
Katy Walters "Phobic Dawn"

There will be giveaways of "Blood & Spirit", "Amaretto Flame", "Listening to Ian Magic"!! June 19-25 mark your calenders!!

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Birthday Week Extravaganza!!!

Hello All!!! I am proud to announce that the week of June 19-25 I will be hosting my first Birthday Week Extravaganza!!! I will have guest blogs and giveaways with chances for you to earn bonus entries!! Make sure to tell your friends!!  Feel free to take the button and post it on your page!!

Authors Include:

Tiffany King (@authortiffany)
Tamworth Grice (@tamworthgrice)
Sammie Spencer (@authorsammie)
Jennifer Sommersby (@jennsommersby)
Kelly Hashway (@kellyhashway)

Make sure to follow them on Twitter for all the info on their books?!


Haven giveaway!

Stop by Ideas, Pens, and Paper for an awesome giveaway of Haven by Kristi Cook!! Here's the link:

Armchair BEA giveaway

Hey everybody checkout this giveaway!
You can choose from 3 books:

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
Firelight by Sophie Jordan
ARC of Anna Dressed In Blood

But don't choose The Unwritten Rule I want that one lol!!! Just Kidding.

Click the link below to enter and good luck:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wicked by Sara Shepard

Wicked (Pretty Little Liars, #5)Wicked by Sara Shepard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So this book was filled with all kinds of craziness! There's a new A, Ian's trial starts, Emily has a new boyfriend, Aria's dad's girlfriend is preggo, and well poor Spencer. Something happens to Ian in the end and we still don't know who the new A is...who could it be?

Couple of reminders:

Twisted (book 9) Comes out in June...GO GET IT
Follow my blog so to find out everything that is going on in June!! There's going to be giveaways, guest blogs, and so much more!! You don't want to miss this!!

I am starting Killers tomorrow so look for that review shortly!!
Any guesses as to who the new A is? If you know please don't spoil it for the rest of us. Happy reading dolls!!

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small blog BIG GIVEAWAY June 6-13

Hey make sure you tell your buddies to follow my blog as I am one of many host that will be hosting the small blog BIG GIVEAWAY event June 6-13! As I said there will be tons of hosts that will be giving away different prizes. So make sure you and your friends are following as you can earn bonus entries!! Stay tuned for more info!!

Cool Giveaway from Lauren Oliver

Check out Lauren Oliver's blog to enter

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Introducing...LIESL & PO!!
I am so, so, excited about what I have to share with you today...Advance Readers Copies of my new middle-grade book, LIESL & PO!! Some of the sketches aren't final, but the ARCs come swaddled in this absolutely gorgeous box; check out the pictures below. Isn't it magic??


Well, GOOD. Because I'm giving away THREE COPIES NOW, and I'll give away THREE COPIES EACH MONTH until the book comes out in October.

You might be asking--Why am I so nice? Because I love you, of course!

You might ALSO be asking, how do I enter to win?? Well, in this round, I'm going to keep it simple. You get +1 entry for responding to this post (with your email, of course), and telling me what your favorite book was when you were a little kid. (Mine was probably Matilda, by Roald Dahl, or the Redwall Series, by the brilliant and recently deceased Brian Jacques). Please remember to include your email address!
Additionally, you get +2 for being a follower of my blog, and + 3 for twittering about it. If you do a blog post about the contest/my first foray into middle-grade, you get a whopping +4!

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Jill Scribbles Possession giveaway!!!

This post comes from JILL scribbles!!


Okay, dudes. It's time for my very first vlog post. I realize the picture is kinda grainy, and I clearly have a lot to learn about video editing, but it's a start!

Also, if you don't want to sit through the whole video and just want to enter the contest to win an arc of Elana Johnson's POSSESSION, go ahead and tally your points and leave that and your email address in the comments. You must be a follower to enter. The contest will close on Thursday at midnight.

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Who wants Krispy Kremes?!?!?!

Kimberly Krey is giving away Krispy Kremes on her blog!! Check out her website to enter!!Don't have a KK in your town? She will give you a B&N card instead!! What are you waiting for? Go enter!!

Follow Friday!!!

Hey everybody it's Friday!!! YAY!!! So I have decided to do something new and that is to join Parajunkee's Follow Friday!! It's an awesome way to gain new followers to your blog if you need or want them. Click on the button
and joing if you would like or you can click this button
to go directly to Parjunkee's site!! Every week she features a different blogger and below is the blog she features this week on long with the post. Enjoy and happy reading!!

Our Feature -- Ninja Girl from Ninja Girl Reads

Hi there, Ninja Girl here. I started a blog about three months ago called Ninja Girl Reads where I review mostly YA and paranormal titles. Growing up I was one of those kids who hated reading, absolutely refused to pick up a book unless it was assigned in school. Then a guy named Harry Potter came along, and I caught the book bug. It was like a whole new world opened up, and I just couldn't get enough. I'm an aspiring author who reads too much, sleeps too little, and loves finding the next series or single title that'll keep me up nights. I also love finding awesome book blogs, commenting, and stalking them to my heart's content. So if you've got any amazing recs (books or blogs), I'd love to hear them!

My favorite authors include Meg Cabot (always makes me laugh), Elizabeth Scott, and J.K. Rowling on the YA front, Patricia Briggs, J.R. Ward, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips for adult. I'm basically addicted to The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, in love with Zsadist, want my own brother to take home etc. But who doesn't, right? Can't get enough of anything paranormal/superhero-ish. Mainly because in my head I am one (Note: for proof see Ninja Girl profile photo). I'm still learning the ways of the blog-o-verse, but I hope you'll stop by and take a look.

It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...

Here are my habits:

I like the smell of gas. Sometimes I will go to the gas station just to get a

I drive my guy crazy by picking out the red and orange kids out of the sour patch kids bag...I don't like lime candy (the green ones) and the lemon makes be pucker but the red and orange ones are my favorite and are so yummy.

I have part-time OCD!! My books have to be stacked a certain way once I start reading them or I will skip over them and start reading something else.

I swear I am going to open a bakery/bookshop/clothing store some day. I love to bake to the point I dream of new reciepes. Like last night I dreamt of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate icing or strawberry martini cookies

When I am in the can I imagine I am at a concert and perform to the other cars that are at the stoplights or riding beside me

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, #4)Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pure Craziness!!! I know my last post left you questioning my sanity a little...well this one might do the same.

As always A leaves a note for us at the end of the book but as you will soon find out we are once again left in the dark.

I KNOW WHO A IS!! And if you follow me on Twitter (luvlovemedew) and thought I was actually going to tell who it're kidding me right? But the identity of A is a shocker. Totally not Melissa which is who I thought it was. BUT read on to find out who Ali's killer is!!

SPENCER!!!! Spencer poor Spencer. She ends up with A unknowingly when A gives her a ride to the police station to turn in Melissa for killing Ali. Only Emily sends Spencer a text telling her that she is with A and tries to escape....not happening. So Spencer has to fight. That's all I am saying about the Spencer and A thing. After everything that goes down with A Spencer finds out that she won the Golden Orchid but gives it up and admits that she cheated. Yay Spencer for realizing that you don't have to be perfect ALL THE TIME!!!

Emily gets shipped to Iowa with her parents hopes that her strict aunt will turn her straight in more ways than one. However, Emily learns that her aunt is out of the loop when her cousins take her to a barn party where she meets Trista. They dance, have a good time, and Emily realizes that this chick is for her. Emily's stay in Iowa doesn't last long (not even a full 24 hours) because her aunt finds out the kids sneaked out (which she gets the blame for) kicks Em to the curb. Emily ends up running away before her aunt can call here parents and Emily ends up on CNN!!! When Emily sees her family on tv she goes home and is surprised that her family has decided that they have a new attitude and are accepting Emily for who she is!! Yay Em! Em's family take her AND Maya (finally got the spelling right) to dinner and find it kind of weird. She also starts to think that Maya might be A when she finds an A present that smells like Maya's banana gum. Trista comes to visit and Maya isn't happy about it especially when she finds Emily and Trista flirting on the dance floor at Hanna's party.

Meredith and Byron give Aria a place to stay in hopes that Aria will give Meredith a chance. Meredith also give Aria the opportunity to take a class at Hollis where both Byron and Meredith teach. Aria accepts and becomes art partners with Jenna Cavanaugh. Aria soon finds out that the "Jenna thing" has another secret. A leads Aria to Hooters in hopes that she will discover that Meredith works there, however Aria takes her brother who after Aria tells about A, talks her into telling the police about A. Seriously Aria have you learned nothing (sigh). Oh yea Meredith is preggo!!

So Hanna wakes up from her coma and doesn't remember anything about her accident(if you don't know why she was in a coma read Perfect). Mona throws Hanna a welcome back party and everybody attends including Justin Timberlake. I know this is fiction but even in book world these girls are lucky little liars!!! But the party comes to an end for these pretties when Hanna's memory comes back. It is someone they least expect. They soon realize that Spencer is with A on their way to the police station, but lets just say they don't end up there. Hanna tries to contact Lucas after the rift they had at Hanna's party when Mona told her that she dated Lucas and he was jealous of their friendship. I like Hanna and Lucas and hope they get together.

There is an arrest made in Ali's murder...Ian!! A gives information from Ali's diary that Ali had given Ian an ultimatum that if he didn't leave Melissa she would tell the world that they had been seeing each other. This give the police enough to charge him with Ali's death. He will remain in jail until his pretrial hearing as the court finds him a flight risk!! We knew this was coming right?? Of course we did!! All signs lead to him however there are a few more books to go so who knows what will happen next.

Stay tuned for more PLL as I am currently reading Wicked.
I am also reading Eat, Pray, Love so I will be reviewing that when I am finished.

Checkout the blog next month as we will be having some guest bloggers.
Tiffany King (@authortiffany) author of Meant To Be will be one of our guests.

Also there will be another giveaway next month as it is my birthday month!!! YAY you guys get gifts too!!

Happy reading!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perfect by Sara Shepard

Perfect (Pretty Little Liars, #3)Perfect by Sara Shepard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I strongly debated writing a review for this book because so much happened...especially to Hanna. Sooo I am not going to get into to much detail.

What I am going to say is this:

Aria becomes homeless

A does more damage


What is going on with Hanna and Mona?


OMG Emily is leaving


Once again I loved this book and am currently half way through Unbelievable so by the end of this week I should have that review up and promise I will be able to write more. I might even give you a spoiler if you all behave.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@luvlovemedew) for your chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. I follow back! Also having your friends follow gives you extra chances to win!!

Make sure you follow the blog in June as I have another giveaway coming up.

Know an up and coming author?

I am look for authors to guest post during June and July so if you know someone recommend them!!

Ok until next time lovelies

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So who doesn't love a giveaway?!?! I know I do and right now I am in the gifting mood. When I reach 154 twitter followers I will be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card!! All you have to do is make sure you follow me and put your twitter name in the comments section. I follow back so make sure you're following me for your chance to win. If you recommend followers you get an additional entry just make sure to add their names along with yours to comments section after this post!!

Thanks so much!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2)Flawless by Sara Shepard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right now all I can say is OMFREAKINGOSH!! Sara Shepard did it again!! This book was amazing. There are two big secrets that come out in this book.

So let me start by saying this...READ THE WHOLE BOOK!! I MEAN EVERYTHING FROM THE TITLE PAGE TO THE EXCERPT OF THE LYING GAME!! There is a special message from A that gives a clue of who he/she is?

Let's jump into the book shall we.

Sara doesn't keep us waiting to learn about the "Jenna thing" any longer as she revels what happened that night and also shares what info Ali had that she used to blackmail Toby with.

Hanna is trying to get her ex-boyfriend Sean back so she attends one of his V club meetings. She then attends a soccer game where Sean asks her to dinner, but it's not what Hanna thinks it is. Hanna soon discovers that Sean has moved on to someone else and she finds out with who at the Foxy. Hanna soon receives and unexpected visit from her father who she hasn't seen in 4 or 5 years. At first she is apprehensive but she is comes around and agrees to spend a weekend with him and well let's just say the weekend doesn't go as well as she hopes. Her father informs her that the owner of the car she stole is offering to let her volunteer at his rehab clinic for burn victims instead of going to court. She volunteers "Bill Beach" and soon finds that her thieving ways are not behind her. Hanna's friendship with Mona is on the rocks when Mona learns that Hanna went to a V club meeting and didn't tell her and when she learns that Hanna's dad isn't really dead like she had said.

Spencer has been seeing Wren on the low and soon finds the pain that Melissa felt when she found Spencer and Wren together. Because of the stress a secret she is keeping about Ali Spencer finds herself slipping behind in school and A offers a way to catch up...stealing Melissa's old homework. The night of the Foxy, the charity event of the year in Rosewood, Spencer thinks she knows A's identity and tells the secret about Toby that Ali made her keep.

Poor Emily. Finding your identity is hard but when you have a frenemy like A and an ex like Ben its a million times worse. Emily gets more than taunted by Ben at a mock swim meet when he corners her in the lock room hallway and tries to force himself on her. Thank goodness for Toby who comes to her rescue. Emily finds pictures of her and Mia that someone (A) leaves for her. Emily begins to think that Mia is A but soon realizes she isn't but starts to avoid Mia anyway. Mia confronts Emily one morning and Emily tells her that she can't be with Mia. Emily finds out that she is swim captain and gets two free tickets to the Foxy and decides to take her new friend Toby.

Aria receives a note from A telling her that she has until midnight on the night of the Foxy to tell her mom about her dad's (Byron) affair. A provides some info on Byron's mistress and Aria uses it. Aria shows up at the mistress's job to tell her to leave her dad alone but Aria chickens out when she finds out how much they have in common. Later, after Aria cyber stalks the mistress Aria goes to her home with new friend Sean (Hanna's ex-boyfriend. Aria tells her to leave Byron alone but the mistress says that they are in love and she can't leave him. She has a mini melt down in front of Sean who also happens to be Aria's date for the Foxy. I like Sean and Aria I think they are good for each other. They seem to have so much in common and Aria learns at the Foxy that Sean likes her more because of her break down. It shows she has emotion and I hope to see this relationship blossom.


So it's the night of the Foxy and all kinds of stuff goes down. First Aria avoids Sean because she is afraid he thinks she is a freak for her melt down but as previously stated it makes him like her more. This causes them to go hop out to his car and make the freak out. Until A makes an appearance by leaving a note on Sean's windshield. Emily meets a fortune teller who tells her she needs to be with the one she is with but before she can do that Ben tries to force himself on her AGAIN!! Ben is a big time douche! Emily comes to her own rescue and knees him in his "manhood" after which she runs into Mia who tells her she will wait to be with Emily no matter how long it takes (Awww). Emily asks Toby if he wants to leave and they split but not without craziness. Toby freaks out on Emily and makes a confession after Emily tells him about her sexuality, and how she is afraid to come out because she will be teased. Emily ends up running home but Toby shows up and when she refuses him he disappears. Hanna shows up to the Foxy after ditching her dad and his surprise guests. The only reason she leaves is because she gets a text from A saying Sean is at Foxy with someone else. When Hanna finally gets to the Foxy she causes a seen and gets really upset with Aria. Hanna learns in front of everyone that Sean is no longer interested in her. Spencer goes to the Foxy with Andrew, the class president. Her night ends in disaster when Andrew over hears Spencer talking to Wren and dumps her. Then as stated earlier Spencer thinks she knows who A is and tries to warn Emily that it is Toby. She gets Aria and Hanna to help look for Emily after she tells them her "Ali secret". When they can't find Emily Spencer calls her at home and finds that Emily is home and for the time being safe. Little do these little liars know that something big is about to happen.

As previously stated A leaves us a little message about who she/he might be. Do you know who A is? Can you take a guess? If you have read the series please don't spoil it is for us but feel free to leave clues!!! The book is nothing like the ABC family series as there is so much already that is different!!!

Stay tuned for my next post about Perfect (book 3).

Have recommendations? Leave them in the comment section.

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