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Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, #4)Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pure Craziness!!! I know my last post left you questioning my sanity a little...well this one might do the same.

As always A leaves a note for us at the end of the book but as you will soon find out we are once again left in the dark.

I KNOW WHO A IS!! And if you follow me on Twitter (luvlovemedew) and thought I was actually going to tell who it're kidding me right? But the identity of A is a shocker. Totally not Melissa which is who I thought it was. BUT read on to find out who Ali's killer is!!

SPENCER!!!! Spencer poor Spencer. She ends up with A unknowingly when A gives her a ride to the police station to turn in Melissa for killing Ali. Only Emily sends Spencer a text telling her that she is with A and tries to escape....not happening. So Spencer has to fight. That's all I am saying about the Spencer and A thing. After everything that goes down with A Spencer finds out that she won the Golden Orchid but gives it up and admits that she cheated. Yay Spencer for realizing that you don't have to be perfect ALL THE TIME!!!

Emily gets shipped to Iowa with her parents hopes that her strict aunt will turn her straight in more ways than one. However, Emily learns that her aunt is out of the loop when her cousins take her to a barn party where she meets Trista. They dance, have a good time, and Emily realizes that this chick is for her. Emily's stay in Iowa doesn't last long (not even a full 24 hours) because her aunt finds out the kids sneaked out (which she gets the blame for) kicks Em to the curb. Emily ends up running away before her aunt can call here parents and Emily ends up on CNN!!! When Emily sees her family on tv she goes home and is surprised that her family has decided that they have a new attitude and are accepting Emily for who she is!! Yay Em! Em's family take her AND Maya (finally got the spelling right) to dinner and find it kind of weird. She also starts to think that Maya might be A when she finds an A present that smells like Maya's banana gum. Trista comes to visit and Maya isn't happy about it especially when she finds Emily and Trista flirting on the dance floor at Hanna's party.

Meredith and Byron give Aria a place to stay in hopes that Aria will give Meredith a chance. Meredith also give Aria the opportunity to take a class at Hollis where both Byron and Meredith teach. Aria accepts and becomes art partners with Jenna Cavanaugh. Aria soon finds out that the "Jenna thing" has another secret. A leads Aria to Hooters in hopes that she will discover that Meredith works there, however Aria takes her brother who after Aria tells about A, talks her into telling the police about A. Seriously Aria have you learned nothing (sigh). Oh yea Meredith is preggo!!

So Hanna wakes up from her coma and doesn't remember anything about her accident(if you don't know why she was in a coma read Perfect). Mona throws Hanna a welcome back party and everybody attends including Justin Timberlake. I know this is fiction but even in book world these girls are lucky little liars!!! But the party comes to an end for these pretties when Hanna's memory comes back. It is someone they least expect. They soon realize that Spencer is with A on their way to the police station, but lets just say they don't end up there. Hanna tries to contact Lucas after the rift they had at Hanna's party when Mona told her that she dated Lucas and he was jealous of their friendship. I like Hanna and Lucas and hope they get together.

There is an arrest made in Ali's murder...Ian!! A gives information from Ali's diary that Ali had given Ian an ultimatum that if he didn't leave Melissa she would tell the world that they had been seeing each other. This give the police enough to charge him with Ali's death. He will remain in jail until his pretrial hearing as the court finds him a flight risk!! We knew this was coming right?? Of course we did!! All signs lead to him however there are a few more books to go so who knows what will happen next.

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