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Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2)Flawless by Sara Shepard

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Right now all I can say is OMFREAKINGOSH!! Sara Shepard did it again!! This book was amazing. There are two big secrets that come out in this book.

So let me start by saying this...READ THE WHOLE BOOK!! I MEAN EVERYTHING FROM THE TITLE PAGE TO THE EXCERPT OF THE LYING GAME!! There is a special message from A that gives a clue of who he/she is?

Let's jump into the book shall we.

Sara doesn't keep us waiting to learn about the "Jenna thing" any longer as she revels what happened that night and also shares what info Ali had that she used to blackmail Toby with.

Hanna is trying to get her ex-boyfriend Sean back so she attends one of his V club meetings. She then attends a soccer game where Sean asks her to dinner, but it's not what Hanna thinks it is. Hanna soon discovers that Sean has moved on to someone else and she finds out with who at the Foxy. Hanna soon receives and unexpected visit from her father who she hasn't seen in 4 or 5 years. At first she is apprehensive but she is comes around and agrees to spend a weekend with him and well let's just say the weekend doesn't go as well as she hopes. Her father informs her that the owner of the car she stole is offering to let her volunteer at his rehab clinic for burn victims instead of going to court. She volunteers "Bill Beach" and soon finds that her thieving ways are not behind her. Hanna's friendship with Mona is on the rocks when Mona learns that Hanna went to a V club meeting and didn't tell her and when she learns that Hanna's dad isn't really dead like she had said.

Spencer has been seeing Wren on the low and soon finds the pain that Melissa felt when she found Spencer and Wren together. Because of the stress a secret she is keeping about Ali Spencer finds herself slipping behind in school and A offers a way to catch up...stealing Melissa's old homework. The night of the Foxy, the charity event of the year in Rosewood, Spencer thinks she knows A's identity and tells the secret about Toby that Ali made her keep.

Poor Emily. Finding your identity is hard but when you have a frenemy like A and an ex like Ben its a million times worse. Emily gets more than taunted by Ben at a mock swim meet when he corners her in the lock room hallway and tries to force himself on her. Thank goodness for Toby who comes to her rescue. Emily finds pictures of her and Mia that someone (A) leaves for her. Emily begins to think that Mia is A but soon realizes she isn't but starts to avoid Mia anyway. Mia confronts Emily one morning and Emily tells her that she can't be with Mia. Emily finds out that she is swim captain and gets two free tickets to the Foxy and decides to take her new friend Toby.

Aria receives a note from A telling her that she has until midnight on the night of the Foxy to tell her mom about her dad's (Byron) affair. A provides some info on Byron's mistress and Aria uses it. Aria shows up at the mistress's job to tell her to leave her dad alone but Aria chickens out when she finds out how much they have in common. Later, after Aria cyber stalks the mistress Aria goes to her home with new friend Sean (Hanna's ex-boyfriend. Aria tells her to leave Byron alone but the mistress says that they are in love and she can't leave him. She has a mini melt down in front of Sean who also happens to be Aria's date for the Foxy. I like Sean and Aria I think they are good for each other. They seem to have so much in common and Aria learns at the Foxy that Sean likes her more because of her break down. It shows she has emotion and I hope to see this relationship blossom.


So it's the night of the Foxy and all kinds of stuff goes down. First Aria avoids Sean because she is afraid he thinks she is a freak for her melt down but as previously stated it makes him like her more. This causes them to go hop out to his car and make the freak out. Until A makes an appearance by leaving a note on Sean's windshield. Emily meets a fortune teller who tells her she needs to be with the one she is with but before she can do that Ben tries to force himself on her AGAIN!! Ben is a big time douche! Emily comes to her own rescue and knees him in his "manhood" after which she runs into Mia who tells her she will wait to be with Emily no matter how long it takes (Awww). Emily asks Toby if he wants to leave and they split but not without craziness. Toby freaks out on Emily and makes a confession after Emily tells him about her sexuality, and how she is afraid to come out because she will be teased. Emily ends up running home but Toby shows up and when she refuses him he disappears. Hanna shows up to the Foxy after ditching her dad and his surprise guests. The only reason she leaves is because she gets a text from A saying Sean is at Foxy with someone else. When Hanna finally gets to the Foxy she causes a seen and gets really upset with Aria. Hanna learns in front of everyone that Sean is no longer interested in her. Spencer goes to the Foxy with Andrew, the class president. Her night ends in disaster when Andrew over hears Spencer talking to Wren and dumps her. Then as stated earlier Spencer thinks she knows who A is and tries to warn Emily that it is Toby. She gets Aria and Hanna to help look for Emily after she tells them her "Ali secret". When they can't find Emily Spencer calls her at home and finds that Emily is home and for the time being safe. Little do these little liars know that something big is about to happen.

As previously stated A leaves us a little message about who she/he might be. Do you know who A is? Can you take a guess? If you have read the series please don't spoil it is for us but feel free to leave clues!!! The book is nothing like the ABC family series as there is so much already that is different!!!

Stay tuned for my next post about Perfect (book 3).

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