Monday, May 30, 2011

Killer by Sara Shepard

Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6)Killer by Sara Shepard
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Hello little liars!! As always I couldn't book this book down and have been finished with it for sometime now (my other reading material has kept me from doing reviews)! I can't believe what's to come for us!!!

So do I have news for you!!! IAN IS NOT DEAD!!!! IKR insanity!! Also Spencer meets her bio mom on a trip to New York. I feel bad for Spencer her family is treating her like crap and takes away her and cuts her finanically. At first Spencer thinks it is because of her spilling the truth about the Golden Orchid...not to mention telling the police that her and the rest of the gang found Ian's dead body in the woods, causing the police to do a manhunt that turned up nothing. Spencer makes plans to move to New York to be closer with her bio mom but will she loose everything that she has left if she does? Has Spencer really found her bio mom or is she a fake? Hanna's perfect soon to be step-sister Kate moves to Rosewood with Hanna's dad when her mom moves to Singapore for work. She battles for her Queen B spot with Kate and for...surprise...Mike Montgomery...Aria's brother!!! Hanna gets a new number and a new phone thinking that this will keep the NEW A from contacting her. So far it has worked...for her!! The new A has been contacting everyone but A. Sending pictures and threats that the girls need to find the identity of A's REAL killer. This leads the girls to think that A helped Ian escape. Aria starts dating Jason, Ali's brother but soon gets a note from A saying that he is hiding something from her that she really doesn't want to know. Aria moves onto Ian's old street with her dad and soon to be step-mom Meredith. Emily starts to date Issac (a guy I know right!!) a musician she meets at a church function she goes to with her mom. From the way Ms. Shepard describes Issac...he is one heck of a hottie!!! Back to Ian!! Spencer talks to Ian and finds out what really happened that night and that Ian really isn't Ali's killer!! After this conversation Spencer, Emily and Hannah soon find that their lives are in danger and they may not be able to dig themselves out of this hole. What happens to our girls? Do they make it out alive? Don't forget to check out the message from A at the end of the book.

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